Who We Are

The Preferred Choice For Creating Modern, Stunning Interiors

We are manufacturers of melamine board, wrap doors, high gloss acrylics and furniture. In Ensuring that your every need is met, Decolam has state of the art board cutting and edging facilities and also provides tailor-made guidance, to assist you in creating the unique spaces you deserve, with our in-house interior design consulting service.

Decolam’s premium high gloss acrylic doors, boards & panels are manufactured using state of the art extrusion and lamination processes. Distinguished by a highly appreciable glossy surface shine, Decolam’s extensive range of quality high gloss finished boards offer a smooth, flawless surface with an unsurpassed depth of colour.

Why High Gloss?

  • For a modern & distinctive style statement
  • High Gloss Surfaces are easy to clean (H2o+cloth)
  • Very durable and also scratch resistant
  • High Gloss Acrylic panels are waterproof & guaranteed never to fade
  • Smooth surface of High Gloss will not promote growth of germs

High Gloss kitchens are famous across the world for quality, innovation and style.

At our Johannesburg showroom you can view all of our High Gloss Board ranges, encompassing a huge variety of designs and finishes, available at prices to suit a range of budgets.



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